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Geotechnical Design and FE Analysis

Geofem is a consultancy specialising in geotechnical analysis and simulation. We use Plaxis 2D and 3D finite element analysis software, as well as other support software, to perform designs and assessments of geotechnical structures.

Our engineers have a thorough grounding in geotechnical engineering, with extensive knowledge of real soil behaviour and experience of site investigations and geotechnical construction projects. This all helps to ensure that our numerical models simulate real ground conditions as realistically as possible.

We specify and supervise site investigations and interpret the results to obtain appropriate input parameters for soil models. We also authored the popular NAFEMS guidebook "Obtaining parameters for geotechnical analysis".

Geofem staff are performing an important role in the evolution of Eurocode 7, particularly to improve its use with numerical methods, and we are experienced in the implementation of Eurocode 7

Forensic investigation, basement wall collapse, Nicosia, Cyprus

Geofem performed an on-site forensic investigation and finite element analysis to determine the cause of collapse of a 10m high King-pile basement retaining wall adjacent to an existing building in the centre of Nicosia.

River Plate House, London, UK

Geofem performed an assessment of various foundation options for a new structure to be built on the site. The aim was to reuse as many as possible of the 130 existing under-reamed piles, but the new proposed structure had a significantly different load distribution compared with the existing structure, and some changes to the basement geometry were also proposed. This all required a complex model in Plaxis 3D to be set up, simulating construction of the existing basement, piles and loading as well as its demolition and subsequent construction of the various foundation options.

"Geofem regularly provide us with advice regarding site investigation testing and perform substructure finite element analyses to assist us in the design of major structural foundations. They have always provided high quality analysis and been very responsive to our demands in the fast-changing world of commercial development."
Richard Whitehead, Regional Director, Waterman Structures, London.

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