Geofem Geotechnical Analysis


Oil and Gas

Geofem is providing support to the growing hydrocarbon industry in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as in the wider Middle East region. This work has included designing and supervising onshore and offshore site investigations, providing local expertise in permitting studies and analysing the construction and load-out of heavy infrastructure for the oil and gas industry.

Prelude FLNG Turret

The largest piece of Shell’s new Prelude FLNG Turret was constructed in Dubai and needed to be loaded onto a barge for transport to South Korea. Geofem managed the ground investigation, numerical analysis and site monitoring, and then interpreted the findings to judge whether the quay wall at Drydocks World Dubai could safely support the weight of this 4,000 tonne monster as it was transported onto the barge.

Check out this time-lapse video of the operation to see if Geofem got it right!

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