Geofem Geotechnical Analysis


Research and Development

Geofem has performed the following research and development activities:

  • Publicly-funded research programmes in the fields of engineering analysis and simulation, including the EASIT project which developed the Competence Tracker and PSE Certification now operated by NAFEMS.
  • Supporting evolution of Eurocode 7 to incorporate the latest scientific and technological developments, particularly in the field of design by finite element analysis.
  • Commercial-in-confidence research for individual organisations, e.g. preparing new design protocols, bespoke design software, and developing new products to enhance competiveness.

Modelling soil-geogrid interaction

Current methods of modelling geogrid layers in finite element analyses often significantly under-predict their performance when compared with field trials and monitored structures. Geofem is working with Tensar to develop new modelling methods that provide more realistic predictions and which realise the full potential of geogrid-reinforced soil, with a particular focus on reinforced unpaved roads.

EASIT Project

Geofem was a core partner in the ground-breaking EASIT project, funded by the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme. EASIT developed the Competency Tracker and Professional Simulation Engineer (PSE) certification for engineering analysis and simulation now adopted and maintained by the international association NAFEMS. Thanks to the EASIT project, the skills required to perform engineering analysis and simulation in industry have been defined and analysts and engineering managers alike can track achievement of competency and manage work-based training effectively. Geofem played a key role in assessing industry needs in this area and helped to ensure that the project deliverables met these needs as closely as possible.

"Geofem is working with us to develop new methods of modelling geogrid using finite element analysis, since existing methods significantly underpredict the performance of geogrid-stabilised soil. Immediately they understood our needs and their work exceeded our expectations."
Chaido (Yuli) Doulala-Rigby, Chief Civil Engineer, Tensar, UK.

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