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Case Studies

Addison Rd, Bucks

MSE bridge abutment wall

Addison Rd, Bucks

For the HS2 project in Buckingham, UK, the Mechanically Stabilised Earth (MSE) abutments for a new overbridge were of paramount importance. Tensar’s design focused on internal stability, but the complexity arose from abutment piles intersecting the geogrid layers.

To comprehensively assess the situation, a sophisticated 3D Finite Element Analysis (FEA) was employed. This model considered the entirety of the MSE wall, approach embankment, piled foundations, bridge loading, and underlying ground conditions. The analysis revealed that optimal stability and settlement outcomes could be attained through the integration of shallow ground improvement strategies, ensuring adherence to differential settlement constraints, and reinforcing foundation stability.

Want to learn more about using FEA to predict differential settlement in infrastructure assets? This story is for you!


  • 3D FEA model of MSE wall bridge abutment, approach embankment, bridge loading, foundation piles and supporting ground. 

  • Full simulation of layered construction to obtain more accurate predictions. 

  • Simulation of shallow ground improvement of foundation soils to obtain satisfactory settlement and stability. 

  • Achievement of target differential settlement between bridge abutment and approach embankment. 

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