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Case Studies

Guildford Landfill

Is that landfill done settling?

Guildford Landfill

Exploring the potential industrial transformation of a former municipal landfill in southern England posed challenges due to uncertainty about its ongoing settlement. If the site was still undergoing settlement movement, this would make it unsuitable for an infrastructure development on the scale that was required by the planned project. Gathering in-situ data from the site would inevitably entail prolonged delays to the planned development project.

To expedite the decision-making process, a retrospective InSAR analysis was conducted. This approach provided an archive of several years of historic settlement data, enabling predictions of future trends. Inferred decisions for the impending development were facilitated promptly, thanks to this efficient and insightful approach.


  • The in-situ site investigation of an old municipal landfill could not determine the magnitude of ongoing settlements with sufficient accuracy. 

  • Waiting several months to accumulate settlement data would have caused expensive delays to the planned infrastructure development project in the area. 

  • SBAS analysis (InSAR) of the rural site was undertaken to track ground movement with millimetric accuracy. 

  • Several years of historical settlement data were obtained allowing future trends to be predicted. 

  • Informed development decisions were taken much earlier with the rapid delivery of this data. 

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