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Case Studies

Kochi Refinery, India

A stable platform on soft ground.

Kochi Refinery, India

Kochi refinery in Kerala, India, required a robust foundation to support a substantial crane during the assembly of new infrastructure. Tensar’s innovative Stratum System arose as a potential solution, but the challenge lay in forecasting crane settlement to ensure operational safety within the plant.

By leveraging proficiency in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate mechanical stabilisation using geogrids, the Stratum System could be replicated within the specific local ground conditions. By applying FEA, the interaction between the Stratum System and the ground could be modelled and analysed, offering a sophisticated prediction of crane settlement and tilt.

This approach not only affirmed the feasibility of Tensar's solution but also provided crucial insights into ensuring that the crane's performance would adhere to safe operational parameters. The utilization of FEA in this project significantly bolstered decision-making by furnishing comprehensive data, enabling the refinery to proceed with the confidence of a stable and secure operational platform.


  • 3D FEM model of crane platform, Tensar Stratum system and soft ground was generated and analysed. 

  • Application of platform loading for various crane lifting operations. 

  • Predicted crane settlement and tilt within safe limits, allowing for the project to proceed without disruption. 

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