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Case Studies


Monitor effects of mining activities on surrounding areas.


Monitoring subsidence in the surrounding area during mining projects is crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of both human-made structures and natural systems.

In this case, where the effects of longwall mining operations over a large area needed to be determined, InSAR proved a powerful tool for conducting this analysis. By utilising satellite-borne radar systems, InSAR enables continuous and precise monitoring of subsidence over large areas with remarkable accuracy.

Unlike conventional in-situ monitoring, which typically cover limited, discreet points and sections, InSAR provides a comprehensive view of deformation across an expansive region. This capability is particularly valuable in mining projects where subsidence can have far reaching consequences.

The extent and magnitude of mining-induced settlement that coincided with mining operations in different areas were determined by InSAR analysis of a time series of satellite images.


  • Longwall mining-induced settlement over a large area needed to be determined. 

  • InSAR analysis (SBAS) was performed on a time series of satellite images. 

  • The extent and magnitude of subsidence and uplift were determined for a nearby industrial zone, road, and railway line. 

  • The pattern of movement coincided with the mining operations beneath. 

  • We validated against in situ monitoring by different contractor. 

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