Would you gamble on clay?

Would you gamble on clay?

Keen to keep the gambling to the casino floor, the developers of the City of Dreams Mediterranean resort needed a careful check of the susceptibility of the swimming pools and landscaped areas to shrinkage and swelling of the clay soil.

A combination of additional site investigation, satellite InSAR data and engineering expertise were used to assess susceptibiity and to specify some inexpensive measures during construction to help ensure this brand new resort will not suffer from swelling clay induced damage and to save a large stake on dig out and replace measures.


  • Additional site investigation specifically to assess swelling potential.

  • Satellite DInSAR data analysis to assess historical seasonal shrinkage/swelling cycles.

  • Engineering interpretation of all data.

  • Recommendation of construction measures to minimise risk of damage to landscaped areas and swimming pools during service life.

  • Saved the client about 300k euros of dig out and replace measures.