Heavy loadout solution

Heavy loadout solution

Heavy loadout problem solved

The Grand Assembly Area (GAA) of Drydocks World-Dubai (DWD) was operating close to its maximum allowable working load but DWD wanted to investigate whether, by more advanced analysis, the allowable working load on the existing slab could be increased.

Settlement monitoring of the slab during the launch of a new 8000 tonne rig (as seen on Discovery Channel's Mega Builders "Big Rig" epsiode) and 3D FEA back-analysis led to a recommendation to increase certain allowable loads. This significantly improved the productivity of the existing structure.


  • Review of site investigation data for the underlying calcareous sand fill. 

  • Settlement monitoring during launch of a new 8000 tonne rig.

  • 3D FEA of the Grand Assembly Area slab and supporting soil.

  • Recommendation to increase allowable load and permanently improve productivity of this asset for Drydocks World.