Landfill redevelopment

Landfill redevelopment

Is that landfill done settling?

Industrial development of an old municipal landfill site in southern England was under consideration but the site investigation could not tell whether the landfill was still settling and obtaining settlement data in-situ would have meant waiting several months to accumulate sufficient data.

Retrospective InSAR analysis was undertaken to obtain several years of historical settlement data from which future trends were predicted allowing more informed decisions on the proposed development to be taken in much shorter time.


  • The site investigation of an old municipal landfill could not determine the magnitude of ongoing settlements.

  • Waiting several months to accumulate settlement data would have caused expensive delays to the project.

  • SBAS analysis (InSAR) of the rural site was undertaken.

  • Several years of historical settlement data were obtained allowing future trends to be predicted.

  • Informed development decisions were taken much earlier with the rapid delivery of this data.