Holding Back the Flood

Holding Back the Flood

Increased flood risks due to climate change mean that flood protection infrastructure such as levees should be monitored and maintained to a higher standard than ever. But monitoring large networks of levees in-situ on a regular and effective basis has become too expensive for many stakeholders.

Our pilot studies in Europe and the US have demonstrated that InSAR data informed by good engineering insight can be processed automatically for regular, accurate and objective assessments of asset condition across whole networks. Problem areas are pinpointed quickly allowing maintenance teams to investigate further and carry out proactive repairs. 

We have developed an early warning system for the monitoring of embankments and flood defense systems to ensure fit for purpose in protecting the population, the environment, the properties, the economy and the society, under the project AWARENESS. The project was co-funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research and Innovation Foundation (Project: INNOVATE/0719/0048).


  • Increased flood risk due to climate change is placing further importance on levee network condition.

  • InSAR analysis and soil moisture detection from satellites provide excellent indicators of asset condition.

  • Algorithms informed by geotechnical know-how are being developed to assess levee susceptibility.

  • Regular, network-wide levee condition surveys can be udnertaken to pinpoint problem areas for proactive repair.