Liquefy Your Assets

Liquefy Your Assets

Local permitting support for major projects in Cyprus.

Noble Energy faced the intricate task of accessing the viability of establishing and managing a multi-train liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility catering to the East Med area. This endeavour necessitated an exhaustive permitting study, a comprehensive process dedicated to scrutinising the feasibility of the proposed project while adhering to regulatory norms.

Recognising the significance of local insights, we offered a helping hand to augment CSA’s efforts in conducting the permitting study. Our involvement encompassed not only offering local expertise but also orchestrating a pivotal local permitting workshop. This collaborative session convened pertinent local regulatory bodies, fostering a platform for productive dialogue and synchronised action across various departments. Through this concerted approach, the permitting study acquired a robust foundation, aligning with both regulatory requirements and the project’s strategic objectives.


  • Consulted with local governmental authorities on permit requirements.

  • Developed a master plan for acquiring permits for the development of a Liquid Natural Gas plant in the East Med area.

  • Coordinated elements of the permitting workshop of all relevant government departments to find common ground between all pertinent parties.

  • Led the session on engineering permits and gained significant cooperation between departments and a can-do attitude.