Ssh! Top Secret!

Ssh! Top Secret!

Ssh! Top secret!

The proposed redevelopment of the former MI5 headquarters includes the excavation of three new basement levels which would result in potentially damaging ground movements to the adjacent properties. To gain planning approval it was necessary to demonstrate that the proposed temporary and permanent basement support measures would keep movements within acceptable levels.

A 3D FEA model of the proposed development, adjacent buildings and surrounding ground predicted ground movements within acceptable limits, leading to planning permission being granted.


  • A study of sub-structure details for Leconfield House and adjacent buildings to assess their sensitivity to ground movement.

  • 3D FEA model of Leconfield House and adjacent sub-structures (bsements and foundations).

  • Simulation of construction of 3 basement floors and prediction of resulting ground movement.

  • Damage assessment for adjacent buildings found to be within acceptable levels.

  • Planning permission for the development granted.