Piccadilly Line

Piccadilly Line

Piccadilly Line

The proposed redevelopment of 33-35 Piccadilly in London involves demolition of the existing building, excavating a deeper basement and construction of new office and retail space. The resulting ground movements have the potential to cause damaging displacements of the Piccadilly Line tunnels running under the street and the adjacent buildings without adequate foundations and support to the basement walls.

A 3D FEA model of the proposed development and surrounding ground was used to show that the proposed design resulted in ground movements within acceptable levels, leading to the award of planning permission for the propsoed development. 


  • Study of details of the proposed development, adjacent building sub-structures and Piccadilly Line tunnels.

  • 3D FEA model of the existing buildings on and adjacent to the site, the proposed redevelopment and the surrounding ground.

  • Prediction of resulting ground movement, tunnel displacement and damage categories of adjacent buildings.

  • All within acceptable levels leading to the award of plannning permission.