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Geohazards in Arid Conditions

Updated: Jul 5

Unveiling the Hidden Threats and Land Subsidence in GCC

Discover the hidden dangers beneath our feet! Water extraction, sinkholes, reclaimed islands - these might seem disconnected, but they're all part of a bigger picture: land subsidence. And it's not just water extraction that's at play here – geological, environmental, and climatic factors also join forces in this subsidence symphony. Let's unravel this mystery together.

Picture this: we rely on underground aquifers to quench our thirst and fuel our industries. But excessive pumping causes these hidden water reserves to shrink, leading to sinking land. The ground caves in, forming sinkholes and cavities that can wreak havoc on our infrastructure.

In the GCC Region, the vulnerability is even higher, with sand and clay-rich areas called sabkhas being particularly prone to subsidence. When water extraction goes unchecked, these areas sink, causing cracks and unstable foundations.

But here's the twist – other geological forces are at play too! Environmental and climatic factors add their influence to the subsidence saga, making the puzzle even more complex.

Even reclaimed islands can suffer the consequences, as the interplay of these various factors creates a perfect storm of subsidence.

The way we manage groundwater matters! Efficient irrigation, reducing water waste, and exploring alternative sources are the keys to curbing this sinking disaster. But we must also understand and tackle the broader geological and environmental factors at play.

Join us as we dive into the world of land subsidence and its intricate connections to water extraction and beyond. Every revelation brings us closer to securing a stable future for our lands.

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