Level Best

Level Best

The four largest LPG storage tanks in the world (each 5,650 tonnes, 60m long, 16m diameter and buried in a mound) were founded on one enormous piled raft whose differential settlement needed to be minimal since the tanks could not withstand distortion.

A 3D FEA model of the tanks, mound and piled raft was created, validated by pile load tests performed on site. Individual pile lengths were carefully adjusted to achieve near-uniform settlement.


  • FEA back-analysis of pile load tests undertaken on site.

  • Creation of 3D FEA model of the tanks, mound, piled raft and supporting soil.

  • Simulation of construction, tank hydrotesting and operation.

  • Optimisation of individual pile lengths to create a near-uniform settlement of the raft.

  • Distortion of the LPG tanks minimised for their safe operation.