Keep infrastructure safe and operational

Infrastructure assets are ageing, user demand is heavier than ever and climate change is increasing susceptibility. Keeping these assets safe and operational in such conditions is the major challenge faced by stakeholders globally. One thing is clear: infrastructure assets need to be managed as effectively as possible. We need to do more with less and that can be achieved by combining infrastructure asset condition data from satellites with good engineering insight. Problem areas are then pinpointed quickly – sometimes before they are even visible to the naked eye – allowing proactive interventions and the more efficient management of maintenance resources. 

Minimise risk

Infrastructure failures are highly disruptive, costly and sometimes dangerous. Keep them at bay with effective asset monitoring combined with engineering insight.

Discover issues earlier

Waiting until defects become visually apparent makes them costlier and more disruptive to repair. Discover them before you can see them and repair them proactively with something as simple as a drainage repair.

Travel back in time

Have we invented time travel? Not quite, but regular performance data by satellite for your assets since 2014 probably already exists. Use them to help identify those perennial defects or to predict future trends.

Access remote or hazardous areas

Keep workers safe and avoid infrastructure disruption by obtaining performance data remotely. Avoid long journeys to remote areas too, minimising your carbon footprint.

Cover your whole network

Except for assets obscured by dense forest, obtain performance data and engineering insight for your entire network at the press of a button. There is no need to physically visit every km on a regular basis.

Be objective

Visual inspections are notoriously subjective but satellites aren’t. Let your whole network be assessed by one, consistent engineering method and set of performance criteria.

Focus your resources

Maintenance budgets are tight so focus those precious resources on sites identified by satellite data for proactive repair or detailed in situ monitoring.

Maximise your assets

Assessing infrastructure asset condition regularly with minimum disruption leads to proactive maintenance, all of which maximises your assets in both the short and long term.

Design efficiently

We apply advanced engineering analysis methods to produce designed solutions to remediate infrastructure assets cleverly and cost-effectively.  

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