Peat Pockets

Peat Pockets

Soft peat pockets needed deep ground improvement to support a new road embankment to Robroyston station in Glasgow. Tensar suggested its much more cost effective Stratum solution but a way to predict differential settlement of the embankment was needed.

From our R&D work for Tensar, we developed a peer-reviewed method of characterising the Stratum system in FEA. A 3D FEA model was needed to predict both transverse (short) and longitudinal differential settlement of the road due to the peat pockets. The Stratum system was up to the job and saved the client £0.5 million of deep ground improvement.


  • Extensive review of site investigation data to devise a set of ground model scenarios to consider due to site variability.

  • 3D FEA model of entire embankment, Stratum system and foundation soils.

  • Simulation of consolidation and creep settlements.

  • Prediction of transverse and longtitudinal differential settlements of road surface in different geological scenarios.

  • Acceptance of Stratum system, saving the client £0.5 million.

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