Optimise production, protect the environment

Safety first. Then regulation, environmental protection and productivity all feature highly in the Energy industry. We offer a wide range of support services in all these areas with minimal disruption but maximum benefit. From reservoir monitoring and heavy loadout expertise to local East Med permitting support.

Offshore monitoring

We detect wind and wave direction and wave height from satellite data as well as environmental monitoring in offshore locations to meet permitting requirements. We also perform displacement monitoring of offshore platforms to detect subsidence.

Reservoir optimisation

Optimise operations, calibrate models and meet regulatory requirements with our remote measurement of ground elevation changes.

Infrastructure resilience

Monitor the condition of offshore (above water) infrastructure, onshore pipeline corridors and other support infrastructure regularly in a non-disruptive way. Use our engineering insight to identify defects before they become visually apparent for cost-effective proactive maintenance and avoidance of failures.   

Access remote or hazardous areas

Keep workers safe and avoid operational disruption by obtaining condition and monitoring data remotely. Avoid long journeys to remote areas too, minimising your carbon footprint.

Heavy loadout

Energy infrastructure can be big, very big. So, construction and decommissioning often requires moving super heavy loads and supporting cranes over unsuitable ground or under-capacity support structures.  Use our engineering expertise to apply more load than you thought possible.

Storage tank volumes

Yes, we can even use satellites to measure storage volumes wherever in the world floating roof storage tanks are located.

East Med support

From our Cyprus office, we provide local support with permitting studies, permit applications and maintenance, GIS services and environmental and offshore monitoring by satellite.

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