Ring The Changes

Ring The Changes

A wide array of temporal transformations are able to be detected by satellite. Among these transformations are urban expansion, construction projects, erosional shifts, sediment redistribution, and the far-reaching consequences of disasters. In this example, changes in vegetation health due to climate extremes and deforestation needed to be determined on the island of Cyprus.

The innovate algorithms we employed facilitated the precise quantification of vegetation alterations via NDVI analysis. Our methodology spanned extensive geographical zones and captured temporal nuances over prolonged durations through meticulous scrutiny of satellite imagery.

Moreover, our techniques adeptly delineated the precise scope of devastation inflicted by the catastrophic forest fire that spread across the island in July 2021.


  • Large scale, remote monitoring of vegetation health. 

  • The extent of damage from recent forest fires was also determined.

  • Other changes can be detected including urbanisation, construction, erosion and deposition.